Programming Connections for the CT-2

In order to program the PIC processor with new firmware you must have a programming interface.  The one we recommend is the ICD-U40 sold by Custom Computer Services.  This box connects to a standard USB port on your PC and to the programming port (male DB9) on the CT-2.  It is necessary to build an adaptor cable to go between the U40 and the CT-2.  Here are the directions for wiring the cable.


Use a standard CAT5 network cable with RJ45 connectors at each end.  Cut the RJ12 cable to provide a suitable length for connecting in your environment.  Connect a standard female DB9 connector to the cut end as shown in the wiring chart below. Be sure that the RJ12 pin 1 is to DB9 pin 8.

Note that the board needs to be powered up to program the PIC.


DB-9 CT-2 Usage Programming usage
1 8 RB3 PGM
2 7 RB6 PGC
3 6 RB7 PGD
4 5 Ground  
5 9 +5 volts  
6 4 MCLR PIC Reset

The software that comes with the ICD package is used to write the program into the PIC program memory space.  You need a HEX File containing the code to be written.  You can get that from us under the terms outlined in the upgrade section of the products page.  The ICD program also contains a diagnostic section to help figure out what is wrong in case the interface does not work.


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