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As of 2/1/2024, this site has been moved from ramcoinc.com to k2txb.net.
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The current production controller model is CT-2.  The current software and firmware versions are 5.31 and 5.30. Download and usage information can be found on the 'DrzTrack' and the 'Download' pages.  In addition to the antenna controller we also make some auxiliary and other products that are listed on the 'Products' page (see the links at the top of each page).

You may also obtain technical support or pre-sales information via e-mail to

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In 2019 I posted the note that Tom, W2DRZ, was having health problems and I was taking over all operations for the controller and software.

It is with a heavy heart that I  have to tell you that Tom has now passed away (2020).

I have not been able to find a portrait of Tom, so this picture of him relaxing in his 'shack', is the best I can do.

Tom was an amazing guy.  His grasp of electronics and mechanics was surprising as he thought of things that would often elude others.

I will be adding some memorial pages to tell about some of the projects he did.

1. The story about putting up the six meter monster array.








Sales and service will continue as usual, and I will continue to use the name "W2DRZ Controllers", as it was Tom who was the inspiration for the controller and it was his hardware design.

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