W2DDRZ Controllers New Product Announcements


New Product:   LS-2 Level Shifter

This level shifter was developed to use with the new Slew Drives being sold by W2HRO and others.  While still possible to use our LS-485-1 level shifters with these drives, in many cases a simpler approach will do.  See below for a discussion of the merits of the two types of level shifters we sell.

The LS-2 shifter takes, as input, 12 volt positioning pulses from the Slew drive encoders, and converts them to 5 volt pulses that can directly drive the quadrature decoders in the CT-2 antenna controller.  It is very easy to use as it simply plugs in to the CT-2 with a short CAT5 type jumper and connects to the data line from the Slew drive encoders. 

We sell the level shifter either in a box, or as just the board (with components).  To Order, see LS-2  Ordering.


New Product:   SEQ-3 Sequencer

Our Sequencers, SEQ1 and SEQ2, have proven quite popular and we have sold almost all that have been made.  But I discovered a small problem with the original design that caused a random time delay when activating or releasing the PTT line.  The delay is not very noticeable except when using slow sequence rates.  But I felt that this required a new design.  The new design uses an interrupt driven microprocessor that instantly responds to changes on the PTT input.

Savings on board cost and component reduction have allowed us to reduce the price from the original $67 to $59 for the new SEQ3.

See Sequencer Information for more details.  To Order, see SEQ-3 Ordering.



SEQ-3 Sequencer with Connector Kit

The connector kit allows use of the sequencer without soldering wires to it.  It also provides for remote mounting of the LED indicators, if you should want to mount them on a chassis face or front panel.

The kit consists of 6 connectors and 4 sets of pins installed on the board, and 4 LED holders along with the wires to connect them to the board.  The picture below shows how the remote LED can be mounted.

The kit comes with the LED assemblies and two 12 inch leads with pin connectors at each end.  The leads are meant to be cut in half to make 4 LED leads.  You can cut them shorter or longer as needed, or extend the leads if more length is needed.

The LED holder mounts in most any thickness panel with a 15/64" (or 6mm)  hole. You can pre-wire the LEDs to the leads and then slide the LED out of the holder.  In this way you can install the mount in your panel without having to try to connect the leads afterwards.

The picture below shows how to attach the leads to the LED.  Don't worry about the polarity, if the LED does not work, simply reverse the pin connector.

The kit comes with a length of shrink wrap tubing to secure the soldered ends.