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Antenna Controller
Backlit Display for CT-2
Enclosure for Controller and LCD Display
Antenna and Amplifier Relay Sequencer
Antenna and Amplifier Relay Sequencer
(With Connector Kit)
RS485 Level Converter
RS485 Level Converter with Index Pulse
Level Shifter for Slew Drives
(With Box)
Level Shifter for Slew Drives
(With Box)
Firmware updates


LCD-1 Display Details
The Liquid Crystal Display unit provides a local display of current Elevation and Azimuth, without using the DrzTrack program on your PC.  This can be handy if DrzTrack is not running, or is covered by other windows on your screen.  It is also useful if the CT-2 Controller is located remotely from your PC.

It includes an eight inch flat cable and connector, and is mounted on an aluminum panel that slides into the ENC-1 Enclosure as shown here.

The display also shows device information when it is rebooted or powered up, including firmware version, processor and processor speed, and current baud rate of the serial interface.

There is a small potentiometer on the CT-2 board that is used to adjust the brightness of the display.

Please note that the plug is not polarized, so it is possible to plug it in backwards.  This will not damage the display or the controller.  Just reverse the connector and reboot (or power cycle) the controller.

Also, if you plug in the display while the controller is powered, the controller will not recognize the display unit until the next time it is rebooted or powered up.


Firmware and Software Updates
From time to time there may be improvements or fixes released for either the controller firmware, the tracking program (DrzTrack.exe), or both.  Upgrades to DrzTrack are always free and available by download, but may require a firmware upgrade as well.  Hex files for new firmware versions are automatically loaded into the installation folder when you install a new version of DrzTrack.

First, please note that you can do your own firmware updates if your current firmware version is 5.01 or greater.  Use the Boot Load tab in the setup dialog.
See the instructions here: Boot Load instructions

If you have an older firmware version, or your controller will not run, possibly due to processor problems, or you wish to have a spare processor, you have several options.

  • Reprogram your controller yourself, if you have access to the proper programming device.
  • Remove and send your PIC microprocessor to us for upgrade and verification.
  • Send us your controller board (in or out of any enclosure) for upgrade and verification of controller performance.

Please see our Services page for more information on these options.



Ordering and Payment

You can order by email, postal mail, or telephone.  Payments can be made by Personal Check or by PayPal.  You will receive an invoice by return mail that can be paid online via PayPal.
Email is the easiest and fastest way to place an order. Send to:

For postal mail send to:

W2DRZ Controllers
1203 Perkins Lane
Edgewater Park, New Jersey 08010  USA

For telephone orders, call 856-866-6611,  Be aware that someone is not available to answer all of the time.  If there is no answer, please leave your name and number so we can call you back as soon as possible.

Please provide your shipping and billing addresses as applicable.


Prices and Shipping

All prices are in US funds. Item and service prices do not including shipping.

Shipping is $15 for USPS small flat box shipping and handling in US and Canada.  Larger shipments will be quoted at the time of order and prices determined then.  For most overseas shipping the cost will be $30 or higher.  Shipping charges will be added to to the invoice.  If you have any questions regarding prices or shipping costs, contact us via email or phone.