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W2DRZ Controllers Services
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CT-1 Controller Update
CT-2 Controller Reprogramming
CT-2 Controller Test and Repair
Kenwood TS-2000 Modification and Repair


CT-1 Controller Update
If you have the old CT-1 controller you can order the current CT-2 version upgrade as part number CT2-U.  The upgrade requires replacing the microprocessor, a firmware upgrade, and the index pulse modification (for incremental controllers, see Index Pulse Modifications).  The CT-1 controller can be identified by looking a the markings on the microprocessor.  If the processor is labeled "PIC18F877" then it a CT-1 model.

Upgrade cost is $60.


Firmware Upgrades

Firmware upgrades are required when improvements, bug fixes, or desired new features are needed.  Be sure to use the correct version of the DrzTrack program that matches the installed firmware version.  See the version information in the Download page.

Firmware upgrades of controllers with firmware versions 5.01 or later can be done by the user, using the built in boot loader in the DrzTrack program.  See Boot Loading and the Download page.

If you can program a PIC microcontroller you are welcome to download and install the latest firmware.  Be sure to update to the matching DrzTrack version at the same time (see notes on programming).  Otherwise see the Services page for information on having your controller updated.

For earlier firmware versions physical access to the board or processor is required.  This can be done by sending us the board, or replacing the processor.

To replace the processor, order as part number CT-P.  Price is $30.

A better option may be sending the board, or box with board.  Then I can reprogram the processor and test and verify that the board is working correctly.  See Controller Test and Repair, below. .


Controller Test and Repair
We offer the service of our controller, and other boards.  You can send the board, or board and box, and even external boards or devices that you may be using.  We will upgrade to the newest firmware version and then verify or repair the board as required for normal operation.

For Upgrade and Test only, the price is $45.

For Upgrade, test and repair the price is $60.

For Upgrade, test and repair we will replace any defective parts on the board if possible.  If the board is not repairable we will sell you a new board or return the old board.  If you are replacing with a new board, the price of the board will be reduced by the $60 that was paid for the repair.

For test and repair of other boards, or multiple boards please contact us for a quote.

All prices do not include shipping and handling charges as outlined on the Ordering page.