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W2DRZ CT-2 Controller board. See below for further description - View Schematic (Note 1)

The PIC18F4580 processor is in the center. It and all other IC's are mounted in sockets for easy replacement in case of damage.
The five LED's are status indicators for use when checking out the controller. Viewing the LED's is not required in normal operation.
From left to right, the 5 connectors in the front are listed below.

Left Female DB9 For 9600 baud connection to controlling PC. Use a standard serial cable, female to male connectors.
Left Center RJ45 Female 8 pin modular data jack - Input for Incremental encoders.
Center Male DB9 Auxiliary connector for Parallel or Mouse interface and for PIC programming and debugging.
Right Center RJ11 6 pin modular telephone jack - Input for Absolute encoders. Matches US Digital A2 encoder cabling.
Right DIN 8 Jack Input for +12 VDC, Outputs to drive position control relays, A/D Elevation and Azimuth inputs.

Click on the links in the table for pinouts for all the connectors.

At the front of the board (back side of the picture above) is a push button and a set of 4 dip switches. The push button is no longer used.  The dip switches are used to set the serial baud rate. Also shown is an attached LCD display unit: More information on LCD attachment and use of the switches.

Note 1: On the CT-2 and LC485 board schematics, and as supplied, we use MAX481 line drivers.  Normally this is fine, but if you should live in an environment with a strong level of noise or RF energy (like high tension power lines or a local high power TV station) then you might need line drivers that can handle higher static voltages.  Replace the MAX481 chips with MAX13085EEPA line drivers.

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