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The W2DRZ CT-2 antenna controller system is a low cost but effective system to monitor and control an antenna system's position. It features a 18F4580 PIC processor chip with nonvolatile memory to hold program instructions and configuration settings. It interoperates with four different kinds of sensors to read the antenna position for azimuth and elevation. The controller is normally used by connecting to a PC via a serial data link. The PC runs a program to interact with the controller, sending and receiving position and control information. A setup, test, and tracking program is supplied with the controller to allow tracking, configuration and calibration,  as well as testing. The controller can track heavenly bodies by interacting with several popular tracking programs:

 There are several safeguards built into the controller to help prevent antenna system damage in case something goes wrong. If the antenna fails to move when commanded to, the controller will stop the motion motors and refuse new motion commands until the problem is resolved and the controller has been reset. If a reverse motion command should be received while the antenna is in motion the controller will stop the antenna for a short time before engaging the opposite direction. The user can configure the operation of these safeguards to suit his needs. And if communications with the Setup or tracking program are lost for more than 2 seconds the controller will stop antenna motion.
  • Operates on 12 VDC with on board regulator
  • Can supply +12 or +5 volts to encoders if needed
  • Onboard A/D conversion for use with potentiometers as position sensors.
  • Interface for US Digital A2 absolute encoders on board
  • Onboard programming of US Digital absolute encoders.
  • Interface for various incremental (pulse type) encoders on board
  • A/D decoder for measuring signal levels or any other voltage value
  • Standard DB9 serial interface connector to connect with PC
  • Built in loss of movement safety monitor and shutdown
  • Built in stop motion timer to prevent antenna whiplash
  • Automatic shutdown in case of loss of communication
  • Two antenna speed control systems
  • Handles South Stop azimuth systems
  • Control program DrzTrack.exe can act as a DDE client, allowing more programs to control the CT-2 (Nova in DDE mode, TrackSm, and SatScape)
  • When working in DDE mode the control program shows current antenna position, and desired position requested by tracking program
  • Readout accuracy to .01 degree with appropriate encoder
  • Has a receptacle for an external LCD display to show current position
  • Comes with Setup program to configure, test, and calibrate
  • Open collector transistor driver outputs to control your relays
  • Microprocessor is socketed for easy replacement with updated firmware

See the DrzTrack page for details on usage of the DrzTrack program.  See the Download Page to obtain the DrzTrack program and for information on determining what firmware version you have.

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