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Saving and Restoring Encoder Configuration and current settings

Saving the Configuration
The DrzTrack program provides the ability to save and restore multiple encoder configurations along with their current settings.  This can be useful in case you need to have different configurations for different antennas or feeds that you will control with the same CT-2 controller board.  Also it is good to have a stored copy of your current configuration in case the configuration data in the controller is lost.  That could happen if you were experimenting with changes, for instance.  When you have a working configuration and wish to save it, first make sure it has been sent to the controller.  Next click on the "Save Settings" button in the configuration dialog.  The following dialog will appear:

Note the values shown above.  They show the data that will be saved.  In addition to configuration information, the actual encoder values for your minimum and maximum calibration points, and and offset that has been applied are shown.  You may now enter a name for this data to be saved under, and a one line description.  Then click the Save button.  This data is now saved in your computer and can be retrieved at any time.  It can be changed by saving another set of values under the same name.

Note: You can enter this dialog at any time you wish to view these values.  Use the Cancel button if you do not want to save them.
Note: The second item "Movement Disabled" does not appear when using DrzTrack versions prior to 5.11


Restoring Saved Configurations
If you should need to restore saved values to your CT-2 controller, click on the "Restore Settings" button in the Configuration dialog of DrzTrack.  You will see a list of saved configurations as shown here.

You may select a configuration and then click the OK button, or simply double click the desired selection.  Either way, that saved configuration will immediately be sent to the controller.  You may also remove any unneeded stored configuration by selecting it and clicking the Remove button.

If you wish to view the actual settings after you have restored a configuration, enter the configuration dialog again.

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